Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why Claireity?

Hi! I'm Claire Ortega-Reyes, and I'm the writer/crafter behind Claireity Crochet.

I used to blog at The Artful Hooker (naughty, I know!). I also wrote crochet tutorials and patterns for Crochet Spot. I decided to create a new blog because I felt like the things I wrote for The Artful Hooker don't exactly jive with who I am now. A LOT of things have happened to me since I stopped writing for my old blog:
  • I switched jobs, trying to find my place in the sun (or workforce)
  • I got married to my best friend, AKA the best husband in the world
  • I became a mom to a beautiful baby girl
  • I lost my mom, but she's happy in heaven now
  • I quit the job I worked hard for, to help with our family business
  • As cliche as it sounds, I realized that every moment we have is a blessing and that we should be thankful always, for everything that happens to us
  • In between all of that I never stopped crocheting :)
In short, I've grown so much as a writer, crafter, daughter, sister, mother, wife, and all the other things that I am. I see life a little bit clearer, because through everything I've gone through I discovered the most important things in life.

Claireity Crochet is all about my journey in life, through crochet and other crafts. By sharing my experiences, I hope that I help other crafters discover what they truly want out of their craft. Every now and then I'll post tutorials and free patterns, too. I hope I can help a lot of people out there!


  1. Hi Claire, welcome back! I hope you join us again on CP group. I regularly keep track of Ravelry friends' blogs and posts, so don't be surprised that I dropped by here ;)

    1. Hello Ms. Mimi, so glad to hear from you! I was just about to email you to ask if you're still selling Red Heart yarn and crochet threads. Also to congratulate you on your latest published pattern Hibiscus Tunic! It's up next on my crochet list (time to make something for me, haha). It's a great design, deceptively simple (kala ko puro motifs, hindi pala!). Will surely be more active on Rav now. :)

    2. Glad to know you're crocheting again Claire!
      I have yet to make a Hibiscus Tunic for myself...I have some size 10 threads, but marami pa rin akong WIPs :p Maybe we can CAL after the holidays. Pag 'ber months kase dami na talagang other projects...
      I'm not actively selling yarns and threads, I have few in stock, though I can still order from Coats (they require a minimum of P1,000/order). I think they still entertain phone orders from customers, maybe you can save if you order directly from them.

    3. A CAL sounds great! Thanks for the lead, will contact Coats.